Media Statement – YB Dr Xavier Jayakumar, ADUN Seri Andalas

Tamil Schools in Selangor Achieved the Best UPSR 2013 Results – Congratulations to All
The latest UPSR (Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah) results shows tremendous improvement in the Tamil schools (SJKT) in Selangor. Based on the results, SJKT in Selangor have achieved the best in country compared to SJKT in other states.

SJKT Simpang Lima, Klang is the top school in the country and two of the students have topped the state list. The top five SJKT with 7As:

1)      SJKT Simpang Lima, Klang, Selangor – 63 students with 7As
2)      SJKT Kajang, Selangor – 28 students with 7As
3)      SJKT Batu Caves, Selangor – 25 students with 7As
4)      SJKT Puchong Batu 14, Selangor – 24 students with 7As
5)      SJKT Rawang, Selangor – 22 students with 7As

The overall pass rate of 62.3 percent is the best till now. 398 students got 7As, an increase from 321 last year.

Pakatan Rakyat has proved that with a little bit of funding, help from the state, we have worked tirelessly with four NGO namely Tamil Foundation, EWRF (Education, Welfare & Research Foundation), (Child Information, Learning and Development Centre) and HYO (Hindu Youth Council), including the PIBG (Persatuan Ibubapa dan Guru) who have worked together to bring about this change.

I must sincerely put on record the work done by the Head Masters and teachers without whom this would not have happened. Syabas and terima kasih.

Lastly to all the parents and Old Boys Associations of these schools, give yourselves a pat on the back, we must now look forward to improve. Let’s put our hands together for a better and brighter future for our children.
Nandri to all of you.

YB Dr Xavier Jayakumar
Seri Andalas
Selangor State Assemblyman

15 November 2013


Anonymous said...

One question. Would it have been better if instead of 62.3% we have 100% pass rate among the students in exchange for the 398 7A students?
We are not sure how many Indian students sat for the UPSR.
But imagine the agony and the impact of the FAILURE on these children and their families. I would suspect that most of the 37.7% failed students would have come from the most disadvantaged families. While the 398 7As are from relatively better off families. But just think about this for a while.
Until all the teachers, headmasters, administrators and PIBG members understand and agonizes with the students and families who have failed, there is no real cause for happiness.
The sad thing is most of these children would have passed for lack of just a few marks. This could have been avoided had the weak ones been spotted earlier and intervention had been introduced at an earlier stage.
Our tendency to applaud the extra As may have blinded us to the sadness, pain and even tragedy of those who failed!!