Pakatan All for Free Education

PETALING JAYA: DAP MP Tony Pua today brushed off Deputy Education Minister Mary Yap’s claims that students will only value education if they paid for it themselves.

Yap told parliament earlier today that “receiving free tertiary education would foster an attitude of lack of appreciation for education.”

She argued that “when students pay for their own education… or when parents pay for their children, they tend to be more involved in the well-being and education of their children.”

Yap also defended the PTPTN, saying that is was impossible to abolish as it would incur higher taxes and Pakatan Rakyat’s promise of free education for all will cost the nation RM45 billion annually.

Tony Pua said Yap’s statement does not make sense at all, while stressing that free education could be implemented in the country as many other nations have done so.

“The Deputy Education Minister always has the habit of putting her foot in her mouth and often gets her facts wrong.

“I’m not sure if she got the figures right but I believe it is alright to invest money in education. Pakatan Rakyat always believe in giving free education,” said the Petaling Jaya Utara MP.
He said it is high time for the government to channel the money in the right direction.

“Malaysia is turning into an industrial nation but sadly some talented students do not pursue their education due to financial constraints,” said Pua. “I believe education should be for all.

He lamented that billions are lost due to leakages which could have been used for education purposes.
“It is proven in the Auditor General’s Report that billions have been channeled wrongly,” he said.

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