Noh Omar should stop threatening the peace and stability of our nation for UMNO’s political gain. We understand the decree by the Sultan and are not questioning that, but the way in which action was taken by JAIS was wrong. There are many ways to slay a cat, and this could have been done amicably. 

JAIS could have called the necessary people to question them. They could have gathered enough evidence and referred to the Exco or their director before any action need to be taken. This is not the first time and if allowed to go on, then we risk creating unrest.

The state government must condemn method used by JAIS and take action on the personnel who authorized such action. JAIS is still under the jurisdiction of the MB & Exco.

To all peace loving people, we need to understand and compromise to have a better Malaysia and for this to happen will require sincere effort from everyone. We have lived in peace and harmony for 57 years, but once it is broken, it will take a long process to build it again.

YB Dr Xavier Jayakumar
ADUN Seri Andalas