Selangor Plans Alternative to Langat 2

KUALA LUMPUR: The Selangor state government is planning to invest about RM300 million to generate additional water of between 600 million litres and 700 million litres per day (MLD) this year from the rivers in the state.

The plan will divert river water to be treated and used before it enters the sea, thereby increasing supply in the state.

Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the plan will be an alternative to the Langat 2 project, which is still being discussed between the federal government, state government and stakeholders.

“In the meantime, while waiting for the water restructuring deal to be finalised this alternative measure will help to prevent water supply disruptions,” he told the top management of Top Glove Corp Bhd during an official visit to the company’s factory in Meru, Klang, yesterday.

Abdul Khalid was responding to a question by Top Glove chairman Lim Wee Chai who was asking about the state government’s initiative to resolve the water shortage issue in Selangor.

Abdul Khalid said the state government was planning to divert water to produce about 3,000 MLD per year.

“If we can successfully apply this river water diversion, then we do not have to rely on water supply from Sungai Pahang,” he said.

The river water diversion plan seems to be costly, however, Abdul Khalid said it is much more cheaper than the Langat 2 project.

“At the same time we are looking at other opportunities as well. For this year’s investment of RM300 million, we will fund it from the state’s reserve,” he said.

Earlier in a statement released on Jan 13, Abdul Khalid said the Hybrid Off River Augmentation System at the Selangor River will be able to provide clean water.

“The system involves the collection of storm water from the Selangor River at old mines in Bestari Jaya.

“This collection is estimated to be sufficient for four months during the dry season when there is no supply from the Selangor River,” the statement said.

Source: FreeMalaysiaToday