Message from Dr. Jeyakumar from Detention

I would like to thank everyone who is supporting us by the hours, prayers, urgent appeals etc. The  6 of us have not broken any laws and our crime is that we are socialists and we are attempting to put theissues affecting the poorer 60% of Malaysians in the national agenda. eg. Hospital privatization,minimum wage and decent wages.

Our detention is totally unwarranted and we are working within the democratic framework. “Udahlah “the pamphlet distribution call for people to think properly for the General Election. The action and activity is totally within the democratic space allowed by Constitution. Sad to see, higher ups in police unable to differentiate nation and constitution from the party of power . (Article 5.

Stand up for democratic rights and let us not allow this kind of intimidation hold us back

Dr. Jeyakumar
7 July 2011