Selangor Police Lost the Trees for the Forest

Crime Rate in Selangor Reducing?

What is the crime rate in Selangor? Reducing they say, but my office gets calls everyday. About crime in the area, and now the people have started to call my hand phone to complain about suspicious characters in their neighborhood. I resend them to the Chief Police Officer of Selangor but no reply.

Police Threaten Sedition Act on Those Who Spreads the Photos of 'Toilet Canteen'

Now he talks about sedition, I wonder what he would do if it was his own children. We must not tolerate this kind of school management, with Head Master deciding in such a callous way. He should explain and the Ministry of Education must be seen to take action.

No More EO Excuses

As to  Thevigan, you please pay attention to the crime rate in SELANGOR, no more excuses about the EO (Emergency Ordinance) being removed, instead use the police act which has wide range powers to curb crime in the state.

The people will use the media to highlight their problems, and people like Thevigan should not threaten them with sedition.

YB Dr Xavier Jayakumar
ADUN Seri Andalas
26th July 2013


Anonymous said...

Get some smart guy to develop a google map for Selangor to mark the sites of crimes. These sites are just like what u see when u click on google map which has identified locations of banks, petrols, eateries (like KFC, MCD etc). Such a msp of past crimes then demonstrate indisputable statistics of crimes