On 5th June 2014, an article published by MalaysiaKini.com alleging I was involved in a bribery action with Abdul Malek Hussin (an officer in the ongoing Election Committee of Parti Keadilan Rakyat), has brought great pain to me and my family.

I am one of the oldest members of PKR and have spent time, energy and financially to help PKR wherever possible in the past 15 years. I believe that PKR will truly make a positive change in the life of ordinary man in Malaysia.

I have fought and still fighting against the suppressive laws of this country, including the freedom for an open and fair press. In this article, I find the reporting to be malicious, defamatory and totally false without being responsible, the publication has brought my good name to be tarnished.

I have no other choice but to defend my integrity and have ask my lawyers, Chambers of Firdaus to take immediate action against all publications both print and electronic media who have carried this malicious article. A Letter of Demand (LOD) has been sent to MalaysiaKini, Sdr. Badrul Hisham Shaharin or better known as Chegubard, Tamil Malar and we will follow up with the others in a few days.

The PKR election will go on, we are doing our utter best to provide an open and fair election. We see plenty of hidden hands, from outside the party who are involved trying to discredit and create problem. PKR will overcome these hurdles and proof that we are here to make positive changes in society.

A committee has been setup with Sdr. Senator Syed Hussin Ali as chair person to investigate and look into all allegation both written and verbal, pertaining to the ongoing party election.

YB Dr Xavier Jayakumar
ADUN Seri Andalas
Ketua PKR Cabang Kota Raja

12 JUNE 2014