The high incidence of slow learners poses a major problem to the national education programme. If neglected, slow learners will be left behind, fall by the wayside to wither away as unsuccessful individuals; work in lowly paid jobs; become victims of exploitation by their employers; or sucked into petty crimes and antisocial activities. Many will burden their families and society. We can avoid all this by answering their need for closer attention with love, compassion and reverence.

The Selangor State Government strongly supports the initiatives undertaken by CHILD in developing the Slow Learner Programme in Tamil Schools in Selangor. Beginning in year 2009 and now continued into the second year, the Selangor State Government has fully supported the printing and distribution of both volumes 1 and 2 of the SLP books to all the challenged children in all 97 Tamil Schools in Selangor. The amount spent in 2009 was around RM 110,000.00 on the SLP programme alone.

The State’s contribution reinforces our efforts in addressing one of the major root causes of failure amongst Tamil school children. Out of the 6000 participating children, over 60% have found to show improvements within 3 – 6 months. This is an enormous achievement as this programme brings colossal benefits to the community and the Nation.