2 Open Houses back to back

In the spirit of Christmas, and the end of year holidays, we had to consecutive open houses.
The first was the Selangor state Christmas and New Year open house held on the 27th December 2008 at the Curve, Damansara. The second was my Sri Andalas open house that was held on the 28th December 2008 at Taman Klang Jaya, Klang.

The open house at the Curve, was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening. There were presentations by solo violinist Joanne Yeoh, and group performances from Deafbeat (YMCA), Operafest, Christian Life Gospel Center, Central Malaya Church Music Association, MBPJ dance troupe & band.

Deafbeat (YMCA) - took the words right out my mouth, as this was a team of auditorily challenged ("deaf") people who were playing drums with absolute precision and timing, plus they danced at the same time.

Oprafest Children's Choir - another amazing performance by a choir of children

"In 1991, through hard work, unstinting persistence, grit and grind, The Operafest Children's Choir became the first Malaysian Choir to have won second place in their presentation of Purcell's SOUND THE TRUMPET in the famous Llangollen, International Eisteddfod, Wales, and third place in the Koorfestival of Arnheim, Holland, a choir olympics held once in every four years.

Since then, The Operafest Children's Choir has been propelled into the international circuit with invitations from abroad to perform in glorious choral festivals which are important thresholds of cultural exchanges and friendship among nations.

To date, The Operafest Children's Choir has performed in Holland, Wales, Spain, Argentina, India, Greece, Macedonia, Australia, Singapore, Indiana, New York and Montana (USA)." READ MORE HERE