The stock markets throughout the world plumetted Monday (Sept 29, 2008) and continue to do so after US lawmakers blocked a US$700 billion bailout which was aimed at saving the financial system from a complete meltdown. While this is an American problem, history has proven the contingent effect of the US economic problem will be spread out throughout the world especially when the current financial crisis could reduce the value of investments on a global scale.

The Selangor state government is alarmed that the Malaysian government has yet to issue any statement on how the country plans to mitigate the contingent effect from the economic storm that is due to come when the equity market continue plummet as the US failed to come out with practical solutions to solve its financial woes. More so, the state government is worried on how the situation will affect the state's economy. Given the strength of the Malaysian's reserve the country would enable to hold its international trade position and weather the effect for the next year but, this is not excuse for complacency.

The state calls on the federal government to establish a professional task force to monitor and safeguard the interest of the business sector in the country with special interest to the small and medium business organizations who are likely to bear the brunt of the economic blow due to the impediment of credit shortage. Failure to do so will create uncertainties and therefore, business organisation may not be able to make the correct and proper decisions.

Following the Hari Raya holidays, the state government will convene a series of discussion with business individuals, groups and NGO to discuss on how the state can appreciate the contingent effect of the US' financial bailout to its economy. At the same time, the state will also need to review its business and business strategies to really understand its investments promotion strategies in order to ensure that the current investors and future investors could be insulated from the impact.

The state also calls on the federal government, who are the custodians of the taxpayers' interests, to educate the rakyat of this situation by issuing a well-researched statement which can explain the impact of the situation in real-time economy. As a parliamentarian for Bandar Tun Razak, the Menteri Besar also expects an explanation from the Prime Minister or the Minister of Finance with regards to the situation.

The state also believes that its timely for the country and the Asian region to appreciate the impact on the capital market considering that the size of a day's trading of the New York stock market is equivalent to the entire size of the economic activities in the US for one year. It is very obvious that there is a dichotomy between real economic market and capital financial trading. The Malaysian government should seek the opinions of its friends in the East Asian group to come out with a plan of action to create reasonable real economic activities with healthy investment flows among each other.

Menteri Besar of Selangor

Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim



It is to be made clear that we are most unhappy with the twisted and poltically motivated reporting of NTV7 today.

The police report and press statement made by Dr Xavier today, is only regarding the amount of SNATCH THEFTS (KEJADIAN RAGUT) occuring in Taman Klang Jaya and throughout this constituency. That was the main and only complaint that was put to the OCPD of Klang today.

There was no incident involving a break-in or even an attempt of a break-in. That story was totally fabricated by the media.

29 September 2008


Parti Keadilan Rakyat (KeADILan) welcomes and fully supports the decision by the Perak state government to sack Perak Tengah district councillor Zul Hassan.

Zul Hassan, who is under probe by ACA, had not only issued a statement confessing to illicit sex, but also justified his action by saying that he was induced into committing the immoral act.

Such a statement makes a mockery of Pakatan Rakyat's pledge towards a government that respects the trust of the people.

The Perak government's swift action shows its seriousness in putting into practice Pakatan Rakyat's commitment to ensure that morality and ethics are upheld by those in public offices and not merely expressed in words.

Towards that end, Zul Hassan will be dealt with by Keadilan's disciplinary committee and will have to explain the remark, when he made comparison of his inability to succumb to temptation to someone who is being offered "sedekah" (charity).

It is important that good conduct comes from the top in order to set an example for the younger generations. As such, we fully back the action taken on Zul Hassan and will support whatever action taken in future as and when there is enough evidence of wrongful conduct.

Once again, we reiterate our uncompromising stand that any wrongdoing by any office holder, without regard to party affiliation or post, should not be tolerated and dealt with severely.

Meanwhile we wish to confirm that Mohammad Imran Abdullah also mentioned in the said scandal is not a member of Keadilan. (End)

President, Parti Keadilan Rakyat
For Immediate release

MONDAY, 29th September 2008, Outside Balai Polis Klang at 10.00 am.

Kerajaan Selangor amat bimbang dengan peningkatan kejadian jenayah di daerah Klang lebih-lebih lagi di kawasan Taman Sentosa, Taman Seri Andalas, Taman Klang Jaya, Bukit Tinggi dan kawasan persekitaran sejak kebelakangan ini.

Kes ragut dan pecah rumah di waktu siang hari semakin menjadi-jadi dan keadaan ini menyebabkan masyarakat setempat merasa tidak selamat untuk membiarkan anak isteri mereka berada di rumah semasa mereka pergi bekerja.

Keadaan ini juga telah memberi impak negatif terhadap ekonomi negeri disebabkan pelabur-pelabur asing merasa tidak selamat untuk melabur di negeri ini. Keadaan ini juga menghindar pelancung-pelancung dari datang melawat Bandar Diraja ini.

Saya merasa tidak puashati dengan cara pihak Polis untuk mengatasi masaalah kejadian jenayah di daerah ini.

Alasan kekurangan anggota dan kenderaan seringkali digunakan oleh pihak Polis ekoran ketidakupayaannya menangani jenayah di daerah ini.

Pihak Pengurusan Polis Negeri Selangor harus segera mendapatkan peruntukannya di bawah Rancangan Malaysia ke 9 untuk menambahkan lagi anggota-anggotanya dan sokongan logistik.

Pihak Polis seharusnya lebih proaktif dengan kerap mengadakan lebih banyak program komuniti dan penerangan pencegahan jenayah di kawasan setempat.

Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Selangor tidak mempunyai sebarang masalah untuk bekerjasama dengan pihak Polis bagi mengadakan program-program kemasyarakatan tersebut.

Dr. Xavier Jayakumar
EXCO Kerajaan Negeri Selangor Merangkap ADUN Seri Andalas
Tarikh : ISNIN, 29 September 2008

Sumbangan Ramadhan : MPP Zon 10 MBSA

Sabtu 27 September 2008

Majlis dianjurkan oleh MPP Zon 10 MBSA diadakan di dewan MBSA Seksyen 27 Shah Alam

Sumbangan disampaikan oleh Encik Mokhtar Hani Timbalan Datuk Bandar Shah Alam dan kemudiannya diiikuti oleh Dr. Xavier Jayakumar, EXCO kerajaan Negeri Selangor.

Kira-kira 50 orang fakir miskin dan ibu tunggal menerima sumbangan tersebut.
(A combination of 50 poor families and single mothers)

Pembantu Khas kepada

16 September 2008 - Taman Sentosa, Klang

Lebih 6 buah masjid dan 28 buah surau seluruh Dun Sri Andalas, Klang telah menerima sumbangan sempena ramadhan dari Dr. Xavier jayakumar EXCO Kesihatan, Pekerja Ladang, Kemiskinan dan Kerajaan Prihatin Negeri Selangor merangkap ADUN Seri Andalas. Majlis penyampaian sumbangan diadakan di Dewan MPK , Taman Sentosa, Klang

Setiap masjid masing-masing menerima RM1,000.00 manakala surau pula menerima RM500.00, disampaikan kepada nazir-nazir masjid dan pengerusi-pengerusi surau.

Turut hadir ialah YB Dr. Siti Mariah Mahmud, Ahli parlimen Kota Raja, Encik Dawari Daud , pengarah korporat Majlis Perbandaran Klang,ahli-ahli majlis MPK dan MBSA dan pemimpin masyarakat setempat.

Pembantu Khas kepada

PRESS STATEMENT - by YB William Leong

Press Statement
22 September 2008

Badawi: Wading back from the Rubicon

Thank God, Theresa Kok has been released from the ISA. The Badawi administration's lame excuse of not finding any reason to detain her further sounds as ludicrous as Tan Hoon Cheng's detention is for her protection. Unfortunately, Raja Petra is still detained. Since the crack down began last week, mosques, churches, temples, places of worship and all other places where the public congregate, have seen vigils and prayers for the three detainees and for our country. All religions have in the course of their development been victims of oppression. They are therefore familiar with OPPRESSION and are quick to recognize one when it happens. But there is a word that is more appropriate than oppression to describe the sinful act of the Badawi administration in the misuse of the ISA, it is TYRANNY!

In ancient Rome, the legions of centurions were for the protection of Rome and thus were required to be encamped beyond the shores of the river Rubicon. Caesar in leading his legions to cross the Rubicon used the legions not for Rome but for his personal goal and changed Rome from a republic to a tyranny, an act finally punished by his assassination. Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in using the ISA, not for the protection of Malaysia but for protecting his waning administration crossed the Rubicon last week. Once crossed, Prime Minister Badawi has to bear the consequences of his conduct and releasing the detainees after 18 hours or after one week is not going to change the effect of his act. One cannot wade back when the Rubicon is crossed.

According to all religious tradition, once it is established beyond doubt that a particular ruler is a tyrant or a particular regime is tyrannical, it forfeits the moral right to govern and the people acquire the right to resist and to find the means to protect themselves from injustice and oppression. In other words a tyrannical regime has no moral legitimacy. It may be the de facto government and it may even be recognized by other governments and therefore be de jure or legal government. But if it is a tyrannical regime, it is from a moral point of view an illegitimate government.

At what point does a government become a tyrannical regime?

A tyrant is some one who exercises authority without respect for its function of supplying the conditions for a normative order. In the philosopher, John Locke's view, "Wherever the power that is put in any hands for the government of the people and the preservation of their properties is applied to other ends, and made use of to impoverish, harass, or subdue them to the arbitrary irregular commands of those that have it, there it presently becomes a tyranny, whether those that thus use it are one or many… Wherever law ends, tyranny begins, if the law be transgressed to another's harm." The traditional Latin definition of a tyrant is "hostis boni communis"- an enemy of the common good. The purpose of all government is the promotion of what is called the common good. To promote the common good is to govern in the interest of, and for the benefit of, all the people. Many governments fail to do this at times. There might be this or that injustice done to some of the people. And such acts of injustice would indeed be criticized. But such lapses would not make a government an enemy of the people, a tyrant.

To be an enemy of the people a government would have to be hostile to the common good in principle. Such a government would be acting against the interest of the people as a whole and permanently. This would be the clearest in cases where the very policy of a government is hostile towards the common good and where the mandate to rule in the interest of all the people is used to govern for the interest of only some of the people. Such a government would be in principle irreformable. Any reform that it might try to introduce would not be calculated to serve the common good but to serve the interest of the selected few.

The justification for having the ISA ceased long ago. The need to protect the country from the communist insurgency ended with the laying down of arms by Chin Peng. The ISA has been used to detain opposition members. The use of the ISA is not only against the three detained but also against all of the people. It is to warn the people that this administration will not tolerate dissent. The ISA is the tool used in the politics of fear. It is not used for the common good but to preserve the position of the few. When the ISA was again invoked last week, there were some voices of dissent from cabinet ministers but only one minister, Dato Zaid Ibrahim showed that he means what he said and do what he means. The rest once again proved that what they do is far from what they say. Each of them and more so by the inelegant silence of the rest shows that all of them that remains in Badawi's administration have also loss their moral authority to govern. They have mortgaged their souls for power.

A tyrannical regime cannot continue to rule for very long without becoming more and more violent. As the majority of the people begin to demand their rights and to put pressure on the tyrant, so will the tyrant resort more and more to desperate, cruel, gross and ruthless forms of tyranny and repression. The reign of a tyrant always ends up as a reign of terror. It is inevitable because from the start, the tyrant is an enemy of the common good. It will use repressive measures, detentions, bans, prohibitions, propaganda, states of emergency and other tyrannical and desperate methods. Hamilton writes "In all ages the favourite and most formidable instruments of tyranny is unwarranted searches and seizures, the arrest and punishment of men without trial". A regime that is in principle the enemy of the people cannot suddenly begin to rule in the interest of all the people. It can only be replaced by another government, one that will govern in the interest of all the people.

William Leong Jee Keen
Treasurer General Parti Keadilan Rakyat
Member of Parliament for Selayang

Program Buka Puasa di Sri Muda

Another blogger ARRESTED !!

While some of us in Selangor are enjoying our public holiday, the police have been busy in Kelantan This evening they picked up blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz (owner of

It is suspected that the reason for Syed Azidi's arrest is the fact that he ran a campaign tp fly the Jalur Gemilang upside down. His campaign brought comments from PM Abd Badawi :-

He said flying the Jalur Gemilang upside down could not be regarded as an act of mischief alone but a despicable one, what more with Malaysia about to celebrate its 51st independence anniversary.

abdullah ahmad badawi govt announce new petrol price increase 040608 04"This is uncouth behaviour, showing no respect at all for the national flag. What is there to be angry with the Malaysian flag?" he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

"If there are Malaysians who want to take up the idea that came from the pro-opposition blogger, they are insulting this important national symbol (flag)," he added.

Abdullah said the blogger came up with the idea to fly the national flag upside down hoping that others would follow suit, without thinking of the implications.

"It's all in the blog...only he can do a good job. He's simply creating trouble by coming up with dubious stories," he said.

According to the blogger's wife - Syed Azidi was arrested under the Sedition Act.

We from Pakatan Rakyat are wholly opposed to the use of the ISA against any person. We call for its immediate abolishment and the release of all the detainees.

We especially protest the use of the ISA during this season of change. A change in Federal power and a change in the mindset of the rakyat is not a reason to use the ISA or to arbitrarilly detain any person under any Executive power.

The following is the press statement given by Sabah Progressive Party president Yong Teck Lee at 4.30pm after the party’s supreme council meeting at the Sapp headquarters in Kota Kinabalu.
(courtesy of Malaysiakini)

1. The BN has lost its ‘BN spirit’. It was not that the people who did not want the BN, it was the BN who abandoned the people. In spite of repeated appeals from some BN members to other BN leaders to be more sensitive to the peoples' feelings, these leaders continue to treat the people with contempt. Perhaps after 50 years of uninterrupted government, some BN leaders have got it in their heads that they have a divine right to rule.

sapp remove bn logo 200808 yong teck lee2. On March 8, the people had spoken out loud and clear. The BN paid a heavy price. But yet the BN refuses to learn. The ruthless increase in fuel prices on June 4 and the failure to tackle inflation and economic slowdown have dealt a severe blow to ordinary people. The recent blatant abuse of the ISA against an innocent journalist, an MP and a blogger only confirms that the BN leadership has not learned from their mistakes.

The shameful Taiwan trip by 49 BN MPs and the instigation of racial animosities have aggravated the collapse of confidence among the people and leaders, not only on the PM but the BN as well.

The PM's Budget 2009 was totally uninspiring and has already been discredited even before it was debated in Parliament. The BN has lost its moral authority to rule. Numerical majority in Parliament means little if the people no longer respect you.

3. Minister Zaid Ibrahim's resignation only confirms what many lawyers already knew that is that the prime minister and his government has never had the intention to reform the judiciary. Zaid's exposure about "the BN government being paralysed by internal strife and divisions" has also been known to many people in the BN. In many other countries, such paralysis of government will lead to fresh general elections.

4. The PM himself appeared drifting, not knowing what has been happening around him. Sapp has nothing personal against the PM and his family. None of the matters raised by Sapp concerns his person, his family, son, daughter, son-in-law or businesses. Sapp is only concerned about the issues affecting the country such as the need for good governance, the dangers of racial polarisation and injustice of economic imbalances to be tackled effectively.

5. Sapp hereby proudly dissociates ourselves from these shameful wrongdoings of the BN government. Sapp further believes that the BN is not capable of practicing good governance and non-racial politics; that BN has no intention in granting autonomy to Sabah, returning 20 percent of oil royalties and Labuan to Sabah, implement Borneonisation, review unfair federal laws and departments in Sabah, solve the illegal immigrants problems and remove social and economic imbalances.

The BN leadership even refused to recognise historical facts by denying Sept 16 as Malaysia Day, 45 years.

6. Sapp had only wanted to see that the legitimate rights of Sabah and the unfairness suffered by Malaysians in Sabah be given due attention with results. The BN must realise that, if not for Sabah and Sarawak, BN would be in the opposition today. But instead of sincerely working to solve the issues raised by Sapp, the BN has chosen to embark on a course of action to destroy Sapp.

The Sapp supreme council hereby condemns the attempts of BN operatives to destroy Sapp through divide-and-rule tactics and by abusing the economic resources of the BN state and federal governments aimed at instigating Sapp members and leaders to destroy Sapp.

7. As a matter of fact, by deliberately excluding Sapp from four consecutive meetings of the Dewan Tertinggi and two meetings of the management committee ever since the announcement of no confidence on the prime minister on June 18, the BN has effectively terminated the membership of Sapp. The Sapp supreme council hereby declares that Sapp is no longer a member of the Barisan Nasional coalition of parties.

8. Sapp is now free from the BN. Sapp shall henceforth use this freedom to pursue our autonomous political path to fulfill our mission to establish a trustworthy government and a progressive, just and harmonious society. We are no longer subservient to BN. We now have the master key to our own house. We shall build a brighter future for our people and the younger generations to come.

9. Sapp members who hold political appointments in the executive branch of government shall relinquish their posts by giving the due notice under the constitution and relevant rules and regulations, starting at the cabinet level.

10. With our experienced MPs, Aduns and other party colleagues, Sapp shall provide quality opposition in and outside the Parliament and State Legislative Assembly until the time comes when Sapp is ready to be back in government.

11. I call on our members to be brave. Do not despair. Remember that one of our party culture seven values is resilience. From the day we join the party, we knew that things can get very rough for us. Yes, together we shall overcome this difficult period because the people are with us. With the strong encouragement and support of the people, Sapp will succeed in our struggle.

12. In view of the current fasting month of Ramadan, Sapp shall only embark on a series of political activities two weeks after Hari Raya. We shall plan a road map to victory in future elections. We shall elaborate how we plan to achieve the eight-points declaration, namely:

(i) Good governance and non-racial politics

(ii) Autonomy for Sabah

(iii) 20 percent oil royalties

(iv) Return of Labuan

(v) Review of unfair laws and detrimental departments

(vi) Borneonisation of the federal civil service

(vii) Solution to the illegal immigrants issue

(viii) Redress economic and social imbalances

Update on ISA arrests

As of 3.15pm we note that the 3 people arrested last night are still under arrest. There are rumours that the Sin Chew reporter will be released today. There still is no news of the others.

Press pls note : pc at the Menteri Besar's official residence at 4.30pm - 13th September 2008

We urge all friends, supporters and caring Malaysians to remain calm. Clearly the actions of the BN-motivated police are aimed at fueilling racial sentiments and scaring the Malaysian rakyat. At the same time their actions also depict the state of desperation that PM Abdullah Badawi is facing.
We have just heard that at approximately 11.30pm YB Theresa Kok, Parliamentarian and Selangor State EXCO Member was arrested under the ISA!!

I am absolutely outraged and upset that the UMNO-BN run government is so power-crazy and desperate that they have succumbed to such despicable acts.

The use of the ISA for ANY !! (and I mean ANY!!) PURPOSE is totally unacceptable.

Below is from the free version of MALAYSIAKINI

ISA: Teresa Kok turut ditahan
Sep 12, 08 11:59pm

Pemimpin DAP, Teresa Kok turut ditahan di bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) hari ini.

Beliau merupakan orang ketiga ditahan hari ini di bawah ISA, selepas editor Malaysia Today, Raja Petra Kamaruddin dan wartawan Sin Chew Daily, Tan Hoon Cheng.

federal territory round table retrieat 170408 teresa kokDifahamkan, ahli Parlimen Seputeh itu ditahan pada kira-kira jam 11.18 malam ini.

Beliau yang juga exco kerajaan Selangor ditahan ketika dalam perjalanan pulang selepas menghadiri satu majlis di Kuala Lumpur.

Teresa yang naib presiden DAP, ditahan selepas kenderaan yang dinaikinya dihalang oleh tiga kereta peronda polis.

Timbalan Ketua Polis Negara, Datuk Ismail Omar mengesahkan penahanan Teresa mengikut Seksyen 73 (1) ISA.

Di Pulau Pinang, Setiausaha Agung DAP, Lim Guan Eng turut mengesahkan penahanan Teresa.

Menurutnya, parti itu akan mengadakan mesyuarat tergempar esok untuk membincangkan perkara tersebut.

Program Titian Silaturahim Ramadhan - Kg Jawa

On the 7th of September, I attended a program organised mainly by my PAS colleagues in Kg. Jawa. The program was aimed at giving alms to the poor. Dr Siti Mariah (Parliamentarian for Kota Raja) and myself were busy giving out food hampers during the event.