RM 120,000 Tamil School

On the 22nd March, the Selangor State Government  donated RM 120,000.00 to SJK(T) Ladang Highlands, Bukit Tinggi, Klang. 
Tan Sri Khalid, made it a point of taking the actual cheque out of the envelope and reading it loud and clear to the audience before handing it over to the School Board.
"Addressing the Parents Teachers Association and teachers, Khalid donated a cheque amounting to RM120,000 and promised that he would get the Highlands developer to donate a fund for an additional classroom." (MALAYSIAKINI)

The Highlands School, began as an estate school in  1910 (next year the school is 100 years). When the development of the estate land began about 8 years ago, there were only 41 students in the school. In a matter of 8 years that number has grown to 900 ++ students. 

The school currently has only 10 (roughly) classrooms. Hence they were forced to turn down about 100 students this year alone. The School Board aims to begin another building project by the year 2010/11 to cater for the growth in student population. 


This is the FIRST time that a Tamil School Parents & Teachers Association (PIBG) has come forward to organise a programe within the school compound on their own accord. As such this could be termed as Tan Sri's first official visit to a Tamil School.

In tandem with our visit to the Tamil School, a 
circular from the Minstry of Education myteriously appeared citing a list of names of people that the schools are allowed to invite to grace their functions. And surprise, surprise, all PAKATAN RAKYAT elected Reps names are not to be found on the list !! 

More pics from the visit. 

Site inspection by Tan Sri (6 new classrooms are being built)

The VIPs at the cheque presentation ceremony
A photo of the 'very small' school library 

No live telecast of UMNO General Assembly

"NO LIVE TELECAST (TV)" - While I'm not surprised that pages 1-8 & 16 of the NST today is dominated with news related to the "CIRCUS" in-town, the UMNO General Assembly. I did find amongst all the drama, that in the top-left-corner of page 6 there an in-brief section entitled "NO TO LIVE TV COVERAGE". 

According to the news report, (which relies on the party's website) HERE the party has decided to disallow live-telecast after the General Assembly of 2006 (where live telecast was allowed) because some of the delegates' speeches had bordered on the SEDITIOUS, and this had ALARMED viewers.

"KUALA LUMPUR, 23 Mac – Ibu Pejabat UMNO memutuskan tidak ada sebarang siaran langsung yang akan diadakan dalam persidangan Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2008 kali ini, yang akan berlangsung selama lima hari bermula esok.

Keputusan untuk tidak menyiarkan sebarang siaran langsung ini dibuat setelah menilai dan meneliti antara impaknya yang secara tidak langsung turut memberi kesan kepada masyarakat di luar dewan persidangan."

On a practical note, the live telecast of the UMNO General Assembly, will not only allow all UMNO members to witness the debates at the Assembly, but will also allow the Malaysian rakyat to witness the debates of one of the main politicial parties in the country. If the delegates bring up seditious or "sensitive" issues during the Assembly, I think its all the more important for the public to view the response from the UMNO Supreme Council,  or the key party leaders. 

The possibility of HOT DEBATES is not a valid reason to bar the live-telecast. I think UMNO wishes to hide their dirty-linen, and disguise the true nature and instability that currently exists in UMNO

In November 2008, live-telecast of the Parti Keadlian Raykat National Congress was permitted throughout the congress. Unfortunately the only people who went live with the news was TV Antara, and the party website. Other media organisations were instructed to "block" as much as possible of the going on's throughout the congress. 

I am convinced, that the instruction to block the live-tv coverage of the UMNO General Assembly, has a much more sinister intention of "hiding" the true proceedings from the public. It seems that the more that Najib Tun Razak moves into the picture, the more that we see the return to the Mahathir-era of draconian executive rule. 

There were 40 arrests in total last night at the scene of the Ceramah in Taman Ria, Sg Siput. All 40 were released on police bail at 6am today, and have been given the date of 6th April 2009, to appear in court. We presume that they will be charged for illegal assembly.

This morning myself and the team from Kota Raja (Klang), will continue to scout the area around Bukit Selambau, visit a few Bilik Gerakans and then make the trip back home this evening. 

Vicious attack by FRU in Bukit Selambau

Dr Xavier and team have regrouped and are making their way back to their lodgings for the night.

They have UNCONFIRMED REPORTS that about 30 people were ARRESTED.  
[Pls note that this is an unconfirmed estimation only]

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, has managed to leave the chaos zone in Taman Ria, Sg Petani.
Many of us are trying to locate friends that have run in every direction possible. Many people were injured in the chaos that ensued after the FRU opened the water cannons on the crowd.

The crowd was fired upon from the BACK !! They had to no idea that the attack was coming. Many people had brought their entire families along to hear Dato Seri speak.

Tonight has proved that BN before-then-&-now has got to GO !!! 


The police and FRU have secured the perimeter of the ceramah area. The police even dismantled the TENTS, confisicated the ROSTRUM and all THE PA EQUIPMENT.


6 People Arrested : 
1.   Ibrahim Yaakop (PA MB  Kedah)
2.  Senator Zamri
3.  Yusmadi
4.  Azhar Ramli (S/U AMK Sg Petani)
5. Hafiz Ali  (AMK Kedah : S/U Perhubungan Negeri)
6. Gunasegaran (PA kepada Calon Manikumar)  

10: 25 pm :

The FRU continue to fire the water cannon and tear gas on PR supporters.


The crowd of about 5,000 people have dispersed with the FRU on their tails.  Many ran into the nearby housing areas (Tamans). The FRU gave chase and continued to fire tear gas even INTO THE HOUSING ESTATES. 

10:00pm  - Monday, Taman Ria Jaya, Tapak EXCO, Bukit Selambau

The police and FRU have viciously attacked the ceramah where Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, had just begun to welcome everyone. 

Selangor Retrenchment Helpline

SEMINAR MES: 15th March (Klang)

This Seminar is being held to provide COMPLETE and clear information to all all the ADUN officers and volunteers. We in Sri Andalas felt that it was important that CORRECT information is distributed to the people of Selangor. 

We are honoured that Tan Sri Khalid, (MB), has graciously accepted our invitation to officiate the function. 

Anyone who wants to know more about the Seminar may contact our ADUn office at : 3374 4595 or En. Syed Putra : 012-9152107.

Ques 10 : Dengue in Selangor

Note : Dr xavier's official answer will be loaded shortly. 

Ceramah Perdana : 14th March 2009

1st Anniversary (video)


Last Friday, 6th March, I was interviewed by Ms Indrani Kopal of Malaysiakini. 


Dr Xavier