Was Oil Spill Deliberate?

PETALING JAYA (Sep 1): The Selangor government’s investigation on the oil spill into Sungai Bakau will include whether the action was deliberate. The incident which caused massive water disruptions in the Klang Valley over Merdeka weekend caused four water treatment plants to shut down on Friday.

“We have collected evidence Friday and the Department of Environment be pursuing the case in court, including if it was a deliberate action,” said Selangor state exco member Elizabeth Wong.

“We estimate close to two tankers full of oil being dumped in the water, that’s a massive amount,” said Wong.

“Sadly our record of punishing perpetrators of such acts was not very convincing as most get away with a nominal fee.

“I have not seen anyone go to jail, I hope the courts will send a clear message that such acts will nto be tolerated,” she added.

According to Wong as of yesterday, they were unable to contact or locate the owner of the factory.

As for the water situation, Wong confirmed that all pumps at the intake points were running at full capacity.

“From latest report this morning, majority of the areas have been covered including those we thought would be problematic areas which we thought would take longer time, suchas Putra Heights and Klang. Some areas have recovered fully, such as Kuala Langat and Hulu Selangor, but there are still pockets that are still having problems such as SS2, SS3 and SS4.

“The water is in the system, it is just a matter of getting the volume and pressure needed for it to reach your tap,” she assured.

Wong reiterated her point that Syabas should have not issued a “Code Red” warning causing panic, but instead better communicated updates with the public.

“This is more of a disruption in water supply, they should have had better channels of communication,” she said adding that not many people have been able to get a hold of the water company.

“People are coming to their state assembly representatives and Members of Parliament, which of course we are glad to help, but we are not the distributors,” she added.

According to Wong, this was a perfect example of why the Federal Government should work together with the Selangor Government to find a holistic solution to restructuring the Selangor water distribution process.

“Langat2 won’t solve this problem as it would only service certain areas in Selangor, what we need in an integrated grid. We have the means and jurisdiction to do so, sadly now we have to deal with so many players,” concluded Wong.

Source: FZ.com