End of the 2020 Dream

YES, to me this dream is lost after reading our PM’s speech at UITM Shah Alam.  We have all been led to believe that by 2020 this country would be a developed one, with a fair system based on justice by the government of the day. I quote the words of our PM, “To all bumiputras, do not despair. As long as there is life in this body, your survival will be our utmost priority and struggle.” When have the people of Malaysia ever questioned the Bumiputra agenda? But, now PM says its forever. . .  so what does UMNO expect from the rest of the country.  This is an UMNO agenda and not a Malaysian agenda.

UMNO says the 30% equity has not been achieved, but articles say otherwise.  Has the 2020 vision turned into a pipe dream?  UNMO knows very well that they have lost the battle and are now fighting to survive. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see a Malaysia where ALL the races in this country prosper. But there must come a time when the best are chosen for jobs in both the private and public sector.  We cannot forget what all the different races have contributed to build this country.

We understand that the UMNO elections is just round the corner, but what does the PM expect from speeches like this. Is he just talking to the 2 million UMNO members and not thinking of the 25 million Malaysians. He of all people should know that his leadership is in question because he is the first prime minister with a minority government and massive allegation of fraud in the polls. Perhaps he has forgotten that it is only because of East Malaysia that he is still the Prime Minister.

Instead of making speeches, he should really take a serious look at the problems facing Malaysia today.  We need to look at the socio-economic problems facing the lower income group which has lead to an increase in crime and gangsterism. We have lost our competitive edge in this region and most of the time we talk of past glories and do not want to make a critical analysis of the present situation. Our policies should be need based rather than focusing on race. Equitable distribution of wealth to all, with priority being given to the marginalised group so that they can break out of the vicious circle of poverty. How can real changes take place when racial and religious based policies are high on the PM’s agenda?

We seem to be giving excuses all the time.  Political integrity is embodied in a man who upholds the rule of law, delivers to the letter on the mandate of the people despises corruption, promotes efficiency, does not tolerate indolence and stands up against tyranny. Does this sound like our present government?  The present BN regime is nearing the end of their reign and like all other regimes is clutching at straws and will do and say anything to survive.

Come tomorrow, Malaysia Day,  I am hoping that change will take place and all Malaysians regardless of race or creed will live happily and peacefully in a just Malaysia.

Happy Malaysia Day.

YB Dr Xavier Jayakumar
ADUN Seri Andalas