State will not bow to hooliganism

YB Dr. Xavier Jayakumar
Selangor State Executive Councillor (EXCO)


Shah Alam, 5th September 2009 : The main aim of the Town Hall hearing held today, was to hear the views and complaints of the residents in Section 23, Shah Alam.

Ideally the idea behind a Town Hall hearing is to allow the views of all parties concerned in a particular issue to be heard. Likewise, the hearing in Section 23, organized by the MBSA was an opportunity for a thorough discussion of all conflicting views with regards to the location of the Hindu Temple.

Dr Xavier stated that he “firmly believed that this hearing was a step in the right direction. It mirrored some of the changes that the Pakatan Rakyat government has brought to Selangor in dealing with issues that affect the people”.

Dr Xavier went on to add that “the behavior of some of the participants were unacceptable, maybe because many were unaware of the purpose of holding a town hall meeting”.

Nonetheless in spite of the ruckus that took place today, Dr. Xavier added that he commended the Datuk Bandar Tuan Mazalan, and Pakatan Rakyat leaders including Menteri Besar YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, (MP) YB Khalid Samad and (ADUN) YB Rodziah Ismail showed wisdom and political maturity and were able to proceed with the meeting’s agenda.

He stressed that the State condemns the hooliganism and the lack of self-control that was portrayed by some of the participants today, who were all out to disrupt the hearing for their own personal agenda.

He said that while the State aimed to be as transparent and fair-minded they (the Pakatan leaders) would not allow mob-rule and provocative acts to dictate the actions of the State government.

Dr Xavier went on to add that “MBSA has now been asked to check on presence of outsiders at the hearing, who took part in the deliberations, as the hearing was meant only for residents of Section 23.

Dr Xavier said that “the State government has asked PKNS to suggest possible locations for places of worship”.

He closed by saying that the aim of the State government is to find a solution to the problem that is fair and just to all parties concerned.